Xavier Naidoo Liedtext

Xavier Naidoo Oh My Lady Liedtext

It was cold but she was lovely

I was told that she would never love me

But still I hoped, the love I felt it could be trusted

So my case soon came to justice

I found out they had taken my rights long ago

And what they gave in return wasn’t nearly so

But how could I’ve known, never was I shown

Little had I grown, inside I was torn

But her life’s my concern, I long have ignored

The fact that I love you but I can’t say anymore


Oh my lady

Gone for a year

She told me maybe

Once she could stay here with me

Oh, she’s alive

In my heart, in my mind, in my soul

There’s a glow

In my heart, in my mind, in my soul

Where, my lady, are you now?

A love so sacred, still not allowed

Life is hard, sometimes life can be dreadful

And this life, I guess it’s more than a handful

In this war we cannot use weapons

And in this war we can only learn lessons

They had taken unripe fruits from the tree

And I learned my lesson when they gave them to me

More could I see, clouds under me

I saw wars upon land, I saw wars under sea