Walther von der Vogelweide Liedtext

Walther von der Vogelweide Tanzweise Liedtext

‚Lady,‘ I said, ‚this garland wear!

For thou wilt wear it gracefully;

And on thy brow ‚twill sit so fair,

And thou wilt dance so light and free;

Had I a thousand gems, on thee,

Fair one! their brilliant light should shine:

Would’st thou such a gift accept from me,–

O doubt me not,– it should be thine.

‚Lady, so beautiful thou art,

That I on thee the wreath bestow,

‚Tis the best gift I can impart;

But whiter, rosier flowers, I know,

Upon the distant plain they’re springing,

Where beauteously their heads they rear,

And birds their sweetest songs are singing:

Come! let us go and pluck them there!‘

She took the beauteous wreath I chose,

And, like a child at praises glowing,

Her cheeks blushed crimson as the rose

When by the snow-white lily growing:

But all from those bright eyes eclipse

Received; and then, my toil to pay,

Kind, precious words fell from her lips:

What more than this I shall not say.