Peter Heppner Liedtext

Peter Heppner Walter [london Or Manchester] Liedtext

Hey you, come down and play

Oh, I don’t know, what can I say

You know, there lies a day ahead

We will enjoy and laugh like mad

Wait just a second here

I’ll be back soon, most sincere

And then I’ll show you how it’s done

I know a thousand ways to have some fun

And then a laugh appeared

And made our day

Gone were all our fears

Of being afraid

Hey friend, I know you well

So, be careful ‚bout what you say

I could take it seriously

And then one day we would have to leave

But let’s go, we’ll find our place

We will not pass without a trace

And I know we’ll make it there

In London or in Manchester

And then a song appeared

And we dreamed on

Gone were all our fears

Of being no one

Hey man, it’s dark in here

And I can’t find you anywhere

I don’t know if I can bear

To know that you’re not still somewhere