Mortel Liedtext

Mortel Love is lost Liedtext

When the sun drops behind the Mountains

Never to rise again

When comes the Death of the starlit fountains

Never to shine again

Then the Gardens show withered flowers

Never to bloom again

And the crops will enjoy their last harvest

In a Time where love is gone

The harvest of souls it has begun

The dark clouds from above come down

Satan came to claim his crown

It’s not the evil from down below

Which creeps and lurks under the snow

It’s not of Satan’s will [if they] fall

It’s due to the evil in [their souls].

Hear the weeping of a thousand widows

In this Time of war

Where powermongers expand their wealth

Fall victim to the evil’s lore

Hear the mourners come and pray

To bury their beloved

Who lost their lives in senseless wars

Will someone understand