Mortel Liedtext

Mortel Another Day Liedtext

As I sit along the shore

Of my wishes and my dreams,

My Pride lies shattered on the floor

With the fading sunlight beams.

My thoughts embraced by nothingness

mindwaves passing by so slow.

I long for your tender caress

As innocent as young fresh snow.

As the silence fades away

I gather strength for another day.

Another Day I’ve to go through…

Another day here, without you.

To flee from my addiction

I go out, to seek the voices,

That speak an empty benediction

Of hollow words and empty choices.

But these words, they keep me sane,

Until the moment you return…

Where I let go of all the pain

Free of anger and concern.

When I hold you in my arms

The silence, that I did evade.

Turns into voices screaming joy

And my pain to rest is laid.

And I feel your warmth and love

As it into me doth flow.

I come to only one conclusion,

I will never let you go…