Mark Ashley Liedtext

Mark Ashley Cinderella’s heart Liedtext

Who’s your rival in this duel

When your girl had said goodbye

You’re the sinner and the fool

In this melancholy life

And you know there is another guy she loves

Oh it’s hard to realize

And I Know you thought her love will never end

You don’t understand

Why it dies

Cinderella’s heart

Is a habour for your pain

Cinderella’s heart

Guides your way throught stormy rain

And you know come what may

She’s your light in the darkness

When you’re gone astray

Cinderella’s heart

Is smiling when you smile

Cinderella’s heart

Is living for love

Cinderella’s heart

Is the heart of an angel

Would be dying for you

When you feel blue

When you’re down – you’re not alone

Cause she’s always by your side

Call her on the telephone

When your sad – she holds you tight

Everyone knows she’s like sunshine in the snow

She’s an angel from the sky

And her heart is warm and tender like the sun

A heart for everyone

That’s her life