Hgich t the german artist liedtext

[Verse 1]

In our land, he is a famous artist

He can live, from the money that you pay him

Sometimes it's hard, to find the right art

But he studied a lot on the art school


Uga uga pipi kacka, uga aga aaga x2

[Verse 2]

In former times, there was a lot of pressure

A lot of, from my parents

They payed me the whole bachelor, but now I can say

That money was not for the pigs


[Verse 3]

In Germany, the whole art industry

Is against him, but he's a fighteeeeeer!

He fights against, he fights the law

He fights against, moneeeeeeey !


[Verse 4]

Tell me girliiiiiies, what do you think

When you look at my aaaaaart ?

Tell me girliiiiies, just talk to me

Talk to the paradise guuuy


[Verse 5]

Samantha, what do you feel

When you touch my art ?

Touch it, touch it

Touch it all night long, touch the invisible


[Verse 6]

What did Joseph Beuys say, money is for free

Money is just paper, in the industry

In Germany money is for paper, second war is over

Enjoy the paradiiiiiiise


[Verse 7]

The revolution starts, just with a song

The revolution starts, just in your brain

The brain is yours, 1, 2, 3, 4, push the button

Make some noooooooise


[Verse 8]

I am what I am, I can't change what I am

Uga uga pipi kacka, uga aga aaga

I'm a baby, uga uga pipi kacka, uga aga aaga

Tell me what a baby want