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Guru Guru What’s My Life Like? Liedtext

[Intro/Chorus: repeat 2X]

They wanna take a look at how my life is

But do they really wanna know how my life is?

So deep up in this thing it’s like a life bid

Feelin the pain of the world, that’s how my life is


Fucked up circumstances~! With no means of advancement

Have them slingin them things, you won’t have clean hands when

dirt gotta be done, you wanna live like a king should

Trigger like Eastwood, so now he eats good

Plus got goons at his command, he’s runnin shit now

Say the word them niggaz’ll be gunnin shit down

His life is like he grew up fast as hell

He was raised by the hood and learned to blast real well

Life is like pedal to the floor, pedallin the raw

Fuck around he’ll bring the hot metal to your door

Got bitches galore, ghetto superstar shit

If you ain’t truly gully, he ain’t the type that you would spar with

Goes all out in warfare, beware

Got enough firepower to make the whole precinct scared

When it’s all said and done, it’s get the money and run

Time ain’t really on your side when you live by the gun



He wanted money for college, wanted to be his own man

Joined the service now he’s fightin in Iraq reppin his homeland

Sees more destruction, than he imagined

Hears anything move, then he’s bound to bust his cannon

What’s it all about teamwork means survival

He’s a soldier, a long way from senior prom in high school

Constant thoughts of the loved ones missed

Caught up right up in the midst of what might be the ugliest

No time for hesitation, no margin for error

He ain’t goin to the club, no profilin in the mirror

He’s rollin with a squadron makin every second count

Other choices may have sent him on a whole different route

But none of that matters now, he’s ready to die for his country

Not a boy any more, no time to cry for his mommy

Just lost another comrade, in a barrage

Visions of home seem so close, and yet so far



A hard workin man all his life bought a business in the hood

Makin money, showin love, and still livin in the hood

Had a house with a fence, two blocks from the PJ’s

Never ever got involved, in any he say/she say

Mr. Community, father figure to many

Conservative ways and never dressin too trendy

Could have drove a big car instead a modest sedan

Likes his wife to wrap his sandwich with a lot of Saran

Doesn’t understand hip-hop, but keeps an open mind

Says if there’s somethin you wanna know then you better go and find

just what your life has got in store for you

Might be tellin you that there’s a whole lot more for you

Takin his weekly jog down at the public park

He didn’t seem to notice, four thugs in the dark

They mugged him and slugged him now the neighborhood mourns

That night in the same hospital four babies were born