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¨come and catch us on tour,sold out encore, were pure, so all the people want more, the main event, hit the stage again, we them dudes to watch, we some major men, and yes global guys we them mobile guys, profound breaking ground, in our noble rides, its on and poppin, hong kong to boston, new york to london, we get love in abundance, im looking for that lady whos special, the one whos got it going on, on many different levels, understands how we move, understands how we do, aint no time to hol

up all these plans for you, rip the show, comin in to the after party, got the gifted flow, you better ask somebody, crash the party, just to grab a mic and flip, lyrics ride like beamers, nice and swift¨ – Gifted

dont, call it a comeback, call it the truth, im flyer than ever, body rip through a teeth, you need some help with all that mah, than give it to me, tried to chew it n imma ride her too, intelligent, confidence, ill supply for you, if i dont do it, it may not get done, imma grind so hard that i forget to have fun, save that for later, once my work gets through, you tried jerkin me well then im jerkin you, like the irs i put a lean on you, or treat you like asphault and put a whole team on you

im too advanced, dont take that chance, do what you can, step on you like ants, sittin on top still good at the bottom, was it me, or the hood that got him¨ -Unlimited