Blutengel Liedtext

Blutengel Shame Liedtext

Seems like it was yesterday

When you went out of the door

Seems that you ran away

From the fear inside your heart

You closed your fragile eyes

You cannot see the tears I cry for you

I never realized that everything has got to end

I try to understand what went wrong inside your heart

You hurt me deep inside

I cannot see the truth you hide from me

Shame within your eyes reminds me why I’m here

Your words can’t bring me down ‚cause you will never feel what I feel

Pain inside my soul reminds me what you’ve done

The world is standing still ‚cause you will never see what I see

‚Cause you will never feel (what I feel)

‚Cause you will never see (what I see)

I should be strong enough, but I’m weaker than before

I will be free one day when you let go my heart of glass

I hope that it won’t break ‚cause it’s not yet the time for me to die

I leave the past behind, I don’t look back on all my dreams

And now I understand what went wrong inside your heart

The pain is blown away and now I see the truth you hide from me

I see disloyalty in you

Can smell the perfume of betrayal

I’m feeling bad, my soul is bruised

I feel dishonesty in you

I never thought that this is true but now I know what love can do