Bell, Book & Candle Liedtext

Bell, Book & Candle Universe Liedtext

So far away and I want you don’t have to feel sad

But I will do there is no cure for all the pain –

I feel silence and me and I want you life should

Go on but I won’t do tells me I’ll always be

Saved – high up

I call you I’m searching for you you’re high up

In a wonderful balloon

You’re the highest star the shining there

You’re the light I call the brightness of the

Universe you’re the highest star the

Shining there you’re the light I call the

Brightness of the universe

Mama’s afraid of what I do I gotta cut loose but

I get trough so there is no reason for concern –

I say I’m waiting my chance getting to you

Just only one dream and I find you only one

Moment and I’ll be there

I see you a dream will come true I’m with

You in a wonderful balloon

You’re the highest star…